About Delphine

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I am a health retail specialist with 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. I am on a life-long journey, discovering the best ways to keep my self and my family healthy. I use science based, common sense knowledge gained from personal experience and many years in retail and consulting to help consumers. So much of my knowledge comes from the interactions that I have with my customers over the past decade and a half. Medical professionals, healers, herbalists, therapists of all kind they teach most effectivetly when THEY talk about their health and their family's health. This is were I thive, as a story teller. I have spoken to many people about their unique health and wellness needs and value their stories. This wealth of anecdotal data is what powers me. I also love ongoing research and seek out the most accurate and cutting edge information. When I started this journey I was excited to work with the best in Ann Arbor in the health and wellness retail. Soon started thinking of opening my own business when these stores fell short of doing what they proclaim they do:  Protecting the environment, buying local, and treating their employees and customers respectfully. 

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