Mission of Onvoyage Market

My mission is to help people to take ownership of their own health. Most of us have internalized the idea that the medical professional as unquestionable. Women and minorities in staggering numbers have experienced lack of care from these white, male dominated systems and have fallen through the cracks. For the most part, modern science will save your life in case of emergencies -- and will watch you suffer when it comes to chronic illness. 


I aim to help people reclaim ownership over their health. This has been my journey. I have learned to use medical knowledge to my advantage, instead of my detriment. I have struggled to advocate for myself, but my experience has given me the skill to reach holistic wellness. I strive to lead consumers to start on their own journey to empowerment. Everyone’s health is different. I honor each story.


This is a process which involves partnering with medical professionals, science-based information, and the will to advocate for yourself comprehensively. When I talk with customers about health products, I listen thoughtfully and holistically to their concerns. With respect to the person's needs, I can then share my vast product and anecdotal knowledge. I offer a practical, do-no-harm, common-sense opinion.


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