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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

We’ve been either stuck at home, or working outside the home as essential workers, for going on a year now. And we are all sick of hearing about this.

But please, look up what happened in Ireland over the holiday season. They went from a long, near-total lock-down to cautiously starting to get together and celebrate over the Holiday Season. Ireland now has the highest number of cases in Europe. Let it be a warning for what is coming here!

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PC: Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

The new COVID-19 strain that is far more contagious, and it was confirmed to be present here in Washtenaw county. My family in Ireland got the virus and are still recuperating. A few of my family members in France have also tested positive. We need to renew our resolve to stay home when we can, and wear masks and socially distance when we cannot.

The vaccine will be a tremendous help for the vulnerable, and essential workers. However, masks must still be worn, and social distance must still be maintained, until enough of us have received the vaccine. In the meantime, let me share what has worked for me and my family when dealing with viral infections. More than ever, please call a doctor if you are in doubt about any medical issue.

  1. Keep your immune system strong. Consider a Zinc supplement. Take no more than 100 mg daily. (Lozenges are usually 50 mg, which is great for every day, and can be boosted to twice a day if you are sick). Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C daily. Probiotics will help immune and digestive health equally. Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, exercise, and lower your stress. Consider an elderberry supplement without sugar.

  2. Be proactive at the VERY first sign of infection. The longer you wait to start fighting the virus, the greater your risk of becoming sicker. The current general advice is isolation, hydration and a lot of rest.

  3. Hydration and hot beverages. Drink them in small amounts, but often. Do not go more than one hour without something to drink. Alternate between home-made soups and teas (such as Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care).

  4. Cut out dairy and meat completely from your diet. Your diet should consist of fruits and raw and cooked vegetables. Soups are the best. Your digestive tract should be unencumbered by heavy foods. When your body pulls all its energy for healing and shuts down the digestive tract, heavy foods will make it harder to heal. Go vegan, choosing easy to digest foods for the first few days.

  5. Go heavy on these natural supplements and remedies, for the first few days: Vitamin D (10,000 IU daily); Grapefruit Seed Extract (250 mg daily); and Vitamin C (1,000 mg every 2 hours). You can add any of these as well: Kyolic Immune Formula 103; Source Naturals Wellness Formula; oregano oil; Herb Pharm Soothing Throat Spray; and Wish Garden Serious V Fighter.

  6. Natural Expectorants: CV Acute Immune Support, formulated with the COVID-19 in mind; osha liquid; cayenne powder added to hot drinks; ginger and lemon (make it fresh in a hot drink); Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup from Planetary Herbals; mullein leaf; and NAC from Jarrow.

  7. Run a humidifier with eucalyptus essential oil.

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