Hand-poured Resin Soap Trays

With so many of us switching to bar soaps, our sinks and bathtubs are in desperate need of soap trays. Luckily, Sharon from Azure's secret thought of that, and got to work mixing resin. And voilà!

These soap trays are handpoured and made of two-part resin, to be precise. In the flower ones, a bit of the resin is first poured into the mold. Then, pressed dried flowers are placed, and then coated with clear resin. In the colorful ones, Sharon separated the resin into different cups, added colors, and then pour the mixture into the molds. Swirling the colors then makes various unique designs.

Using soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in bar form is a super easy way to reduce our use of plastic. Bar soaps do not contain water, and are therefore much lighter to tranport, with very little packaging. Liquid soaps and shampoos, on the other hand, contain 80 percent water, and requpoison ivy and oak bar soapsire heavy duty plastic bottles for transport. This fills our landfills with non-compostable material.

Look for shampoo and conditioner bars, moisturising bar soaps, and

poison ivy and poison oak soaps.

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