Harness Your Energy

Updated: May 24, 2021

Spring is the quintessential season for renewal, and increased energy. Can we harness that energy? Strive to maintain a balance, and keep it steady? I would say yes, and here’s why.

Freshly harvested spring greens. Dark green leafy vegetables are high in minerals, especially at this time of year. Plants that grow under harder conditions, like cold temperatures, protect themself by growing slower. It makes them more dense, and yields higher nutrition. Buy fresh, early spring locally-grown greens, wild ramps, and wild onions at Argus Farm Stop. You can also harvest them yourself right now in wooded areas. Minerals from these early-spring plants help to maintain bone and muscle strength. They provide balanced electrolytes, which are a wonderful support for exercising.

Figure out your food sensitivities. Many people have un-diagnosed food sensitivities that sap their energy and degrade their overall health. Gluten is one of those foods. So are dairy, nuts, eggs, fish, and artificial colors and flavors. These foods can cause inflammation and increase pain. Whether you’ve decided to do a food cleanse or not, now is a good time to eliminate foods you suspect could be bogging you down. Eliminate a suspected allergen food for a week, then reintroduce a good amount and pay attention to any reactions in the following 24-48 hours. I found eliminating gluten has reduced my overall pain by about 80%. I now consume it in small amounts.

Weight management is key to fueling ongoing energy. Work on obtaining your ideal weight and then stay within 5 pounds of it. Gaining and losing weight drains your energy over the long term. Christine Alyson, is a hypnotherapist and can help you define and reach your ideal weight.

Find the exercise that improves your energy level. Fine tune your exercise routine so that you feel energized by it, not depleted. Look for a personal trainer that will work with you to achieve that goal.

Balance out sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Sugar and caffeine supply us with a short-lived energy but deplete our adrenals, causing long term energy drain. Consume sugar and caffeine in moderation, and preferably before lunch. If you have days where you feel that you need more support than usual, consider an herbal supplement to replenish the damage to your adrenals caused by caffeine abuse. Wish Garden Stress Support has a useful pump for quick delivery and immediate relief -- just put a shot under your tongue.

Reducing your stress level will also help reverse adrenal fatigue. Book a massage as soon as you are fully vaccinated.https://www.bodykneadstherapeuticmassage.com/

Keep alcohol consumption in check -- when it depletes your energy, cut back, and forgo it completely before a busy day.

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