Late Summer Natural Allergy Recommendations

I’m allergic to ragweed, so this is the time of year when I start implementing a seasonal allergy protocol. I maintain it until the first frost. The symptoms for pollen allergies are similar to those of a respiratory virus, compromising the immune system. So I work hard to stay healthy in August and September. It helps that nature provides us with an abundance of nutritious local fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable salads, and tomato based soups, are really healthy choices.

I create an allergy-free space for myself, for sleep. Getting good sleep is part of my health plan. For most people the bedroom is the easiest place from which to exclude pollen. Very allergic people can consider making their entire home allergy-free. This space must be very clean, and you want to keep pets out of it. Take your clothes and shoes off after being outside. Then take a shower and wash your hair -- pollen sticks to your hair. Only wear indoor clothes, and ask people you live with to do the same.

When my kids were little, they had to be clean and in their pjs to go into my bedroom. My door was closed during the day to everyone, including pets. Open your windows later in the day, because pollen is released at dawn and pollen count is at its highest in the morning. Don’t open windows on windy days, and when your lawn is getting mowed. Install an air purifier if all those precautions aren’t enough. Wearing a mask outside, especially in the morning, has made a huge difference for me.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a good decongestant. Use it in a diffuser, particularly at night. Make a chest rub: Coconut or shea butter, blended with 20 drops of essential oil. You can also put a few drops on a cloth handkerchief and inhale.

Secrets of Eden has a premade rub, Breathe easy, that is very potent and goes a long way. You can apply it all day under your nose and wrists.

Azure’s Secret Menthol Shower Steamers will clear out your sinuses in the morning, and leave your bathroom smelling great all day.

I use Freeze-dried Nettle leaf capsules everyday at this time of year from a wonderful company called Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

I use Quercetin in a blend from Herbs Etc. This is a must at night for me. It lowers histamine response. These two supplements build up in your system over time. They rarely offer immediate relief, but over a couple of weeks I experience a significant reduction in reactions to pollen. I start taking them a few weeks before the season starts.

For quick relief, try this herbal blend for allergy relief by Wish Garden Kick-Ass Allergy, use 3-4 pumps under the tongue.

Allerase Allerace Enzymes for Seasonal Allergies are metabolic enzymes that are very effective for immediate relief. Take them away from meals so they don’t interfere with digestion. On an empty stomach, use 1 or 2 as needed as soon as you feel a reaction coming on. I find relief within 30 minutes.

Staying away from over the counter allergy medication is hard for people who’s allergies affect their quality of life. But for those who are able to stay away, natural remedies have long-term benefits. Over time, my allergies have become more manageable. I hope many of you will have that experience.

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