What Does Sustainability Mean To Me

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

How did our grandmothers do it?

My grandparents were mostly environmentally friendly by necessity. They ate their home-grown produce, raised their own eggs and meats. Nothing was processed; nothing was wrapped in plastic. They had very few body-care products -- they used simple bar soap. They had small cars, and they used them sparingly.

I look to them as a model. But realistically, reducing my material consumption for housing and transportation to the level my grandparents had would require time, money, and attention. The contradiction is that they had less, and lived with less. Today I would need to spend more money to live as simply as they did.

Sustainability works best when human beings and the rest of the natural world benefit well, together. In the tropics, planting crops and trees helps to offset carbon emissions, and also produces more food and agriculture used in industry. Changes intended to impact CO2 levels and improve sustainable production should directly benefit local communities. These innovations should be accessible to everyone.

Onvoyage Market’s goal is to make it easy and affordable for consumers to use products which are sustainable from top-to-bottom. This means sustainability in development, material sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and delivery to your home. Choices which are better for people, and the environment. Choices to lead by example, educate, and mitigate the strain on our environment.

How will our grandchildren do it?

With more and cheaper access to new materials, technology and innovations, there will always be a need for balance between direct benefit to humans, and offsetting our footprint. Our grandchildren will benefit from our current quest for accessible, sustainable innovations. Check out Interface Product, a carpet tile company, that uses smokestack exhaust to produce carpet squares that recaptures more carbon than it uses. The great news is that other companies are trying to catch up and use this technology.

What do we gain?

Apart from a livable planet, we gain a healthier way to live that embraces nature, rather than overpower it. We can study the past -- we have lots to learn from indigenous people’s practices. Check Black Forage’s last Instagram TV post about indigenous stewardship. We also need to support innovation that addresses carbon emissions.

I’m prepared to do my very best personally and with my business.

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