Pure, Michigan-produced emu oil in a 1-ounce, plastic container. AEA certified, fully refined. Up North Emu is a farm that raises Emus. They sell their eggs and their meat and harvest every part of the bird including feathers used by the car industry. 

There are endless things we can tell you about how great emu oil is and what it can do for you

.Deep penetrating moisturizer

Natural anti-inflammatory (great for sore joints and muscles)

High levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9

Very hypo-allergenicBeing a thin oil, it proves as an effective and efficient carrier oil.

It can mix well with essential oils or creams and bring them down to the sub-dermal level of your skinHelps heal burning, itching and dryness of most skin conditionsAnd so much more! But we think the best way to know how great emu oil is and how it can help you, is to use it! We believe the product speaks for itself. A few drops is all it takes to massage into the affected area. Apply oil several times a day or as needed and see how life can get better with emu oil!

Emu Oil 1oz plastic

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