The is Secrets Of Eden original product. Made with carrier oils for nurishing moisture and organic essential oils with MSM, rife frequencies, and scalar phasing. Perfect for shaving. Food for your hair and skin. Restores damaged hair and skin. Anti-dandruf, anti-psoriatic. 

Secrets Of Eden Shampoo

SKU: soe07
  • Ingredients: Scalar phased distilled water; electricty engineered, eloptically, energized stabilized, oxygenated water; ash of dodescyl solution; natural vegetablem, moisturizing, corn-based emulsifier; xanthan gum; MSM; boron; sweet almond; jojoba; extra virgin olive oil; fractionated coconut; oregano oil; Vitamin E; tea tree; lemon; lime; orange; lavender; GSE; hyssop; frankencense; myrrh; spikenard; ylang ylang.