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Azures Secret Is a soap making company. Sharon makes all natural soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower steamers, dog soap bars. Sharon the cold pressed method for her soaps. She’s also started making hand poured resin soap trays. She lives on the outskirts of Indianapolis and sells at the market on Saturday.

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Frontier Spices

Froze Creamery This ice cream shop in Clawson MI makes all sorts of custom made treats.  The chocolate bombs are made with Ghirardelli chocolate, owner Cynthia created dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate shells with a tone of flavors to choose from for the inside.

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Greener Things

Harbor View Lavender Harbor View Nursery & Lavender Farm is family-owned and operated on beautiful Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan. Since they started in 1993, they've treated every customer like they were a part of their family; in addition to quality products, personalized customer helping them grow. 

I went to visit the farm last August and fell in love. My husband and I spent a few hours walking around the fields of lavender. Most of the lavender was air drying in the barn. The second part of the drying process, taking place in a hot house with fans running, the fragrance was purely dreamy. Their lavender essential oil is the most popular probably because of the strength of the fragrance. Sonja, the owner made the batch for my order and the freshness makes all the difference. I also carry their bath bombs, bath salts and dry lavender sachets.

Mate Factor

Om Green Karma It’s the entire universe – past, present and future – coalesced into a single sound. It represents the union of mind, body and spirit, and is only achieved through intense levels of meditation…until now. Peace, Love and Green Karma, LLC has tapped into the simple yet powerful vibration of this word to bring you OM. A unique collection of soaps, lotions, bath products and skincare items that are "Handmade With Green Karma" and guaranteed to deliver the calmness and tranquility that comes with pure consciousness.

Our products are chemical-free, which means you won’t find any Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates. What you will find, however, are creative blends of intriguing ingredients and plenty of tender loving care.

Our quality products are hand-crafted with a Vegan world view, ensuring skin-friendly pH levels and plenty of cosmic bliss.

Remember, Peace, Love & Green Karma is more than just a catchy phrase…for us, it’s a way of life!

I met Stacey, the owner when I was the buyer at Lucky's Market. Her soaps and bath bombs smell amazing and made with the best standards. Delphine approved. I carry OM candles which are by far the most powerful natural fragrance candles I've ever had.

Secrets of Eden The Secrets of Eden was launched in 2002 to provide all natural products with a biblical flare. Their first inspired product now called Complete contains a blend of 23 different essential and carrier oils with a 4% oil blend. We soon branched out into more and more healthful products and getting miraculous testimonies almost daily. Essential oils and herbs are our mainstay. I met Pastor Rick Strawcutter years ago, he has so much enthusiasm about his products and life itself. Four X and his Complete Hair and Body shampoo are highly sought after. I currently carry a bottle of Four X every time I have to be around people.

Tai Crystal

The Butters Black and queer owned company from Ypsilanti. Jerome is dedicated to creating, all natural, all vegan and affordable body care products. This company is run by young people and the product reflects the youthful vibe. The natural and moisturizing ingredients make the product popular for mature customers.

UP Chaga Up Chaga Connection is a chaga mushroom-focused company I found advertised in Natural Awakenings Magazine. Kevin and Dorrie have been running this company together for over six years. It is located in Kinsford, MI and perfectly aligned on our way from Chicago to Houghton.

Chaga is a powerhouse mushroom. One milligram of Chaga contains as much antioxidant as three pounds of blueberries, or four ounces of acai berries. It contains 25-50 times more superoxide dismutases (SOD) enzymes than CoQ10, and any other mushrooms. 

Mushrooms generally can be a good source of vitamins D, B1, and B3, minerals, and amino acids. Certain mushrooms can enhance your immune system. According to a paper in Integrative Medicine: A Physician’s Journal, “It is well-established that mushrooms are adept at immune modulation and affect hematopoietic stem cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, T cells, dendritic cells (DCs), and natural killer (NK) cells.”

Chaga can only be wild harvested, and takes up to seven years to mature. It grows on birch trees in very cold climates. Northern Michigan is ideal for chaga. Native Americans, Siberian shamans and Scandinavians have well documented uses for chaga. Once harvested, it takes a year to process for therapeutic use.

UP Chaga harvests and processes other mushrooms found in the UP, like Lion’s Mane and Reishi.

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