Standards and Values

I choose very carefully which products to carry. When reviewing a product or brand, I consider two things -- trends and customer interest. Products must also meet the high standards that I have for my store. This is a summary of these standards:

  • Products must improve wellness and do no harm.

  • All companies involved with Onvoyage Market must be transparent about their relationships with employees and their environmental impact.

  • Onvoyage Market is a proud LGBTQ ally. I strive to support LGBTQ business owners.

  • Onvoyage Market recognizes white fragility, therefore strives to diminish the systemic harm of unconscious bias toward black and brown people. I also work to support and raise up non-white business owners.

  • Packaging materials are recycled or up-cycled as much as possible.

  • Simplicity matters. I look for products with shorter ingredients lists, preferably with no preservatives, pesticides, or GMOs.

  • I value hand-made and hand crafted products. I strive to support small local artists and craftspeople.

My promise to you

  • Onvoyage Market will educate customers on the products and the companies producing them.

  • Onvoyage Market will promote on-going education for employees.

  • Onvoyage will promote and connect with local and like-minded businesses.

  • Onvoyage Market is dedicated to bringing customers a consistent experience regarding product quality and customer service.

  • Onvoyage Market looks to a greener, smarter, more fair future.

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